Dear Hukumonline

side of my desk on the last day in Hukumonline

January 8, 2010


This is not a resignation letter, for sure.  My appreciate wordings for them.

Dear All,

As many of you are aware that today is my last day working at Hukumonline.

Before leaving, i just want to say that i have enjoyed my time in Hukumonline and will miss you all. I really appreciate all the support, insights, good relationship, jokes while working, snacks after lunch and help you have provided me with, for almost a year, and want to thank you for it.

It’s been a great time for me representing in, as one of the most precious experience in my career. I have learnt a lot and gained considerable knowledge and thus I shall always cherish this.

I will always be feeling very lucky that i have had a great pleasure of time working with you, very close and warm relationship with all the people that i encountered in

I personally believe that will consistently group up so great. Thanks again for everything and very best wishes for you and the company.

All the best and keep in touch.




One thought on “Dear Hukumonline

  1. Ah … hidup memang penuh teka teki …. tiba2 gua diusir ke bawah … eh sekarang die cabut …

    Jadi inget … udah baca belum … gua mau cuti lagi … hmm lanjutin ga yagh … hihihi

    Sukses mba’ disana dan jangan lupa ajak temen juga biar sama2 sukses.

    Nb : kl ke HOL silaturahmi ke bawah donk dan jangan tanya alasan ! ! ! 🙂

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